2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Graduate Programs

Master of Accountancy

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree is designed for students who intend to pursue professional careers in public accounting, business, and the government/nonprofit sector. The Master of Accountancy fulfills the educational requirements to sit for the CPA examination in the state of Mississippi and many of the states that have adopted the AICPA’s 150 credit-hour requirement. Students are encouraged to check with the state Board of Accountancy in the state where they plan to practice regarding specific course requirements. The program involves a fifth year of study beyond the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Students who plan to seek the Master of Accountancy degree should declare the basic accounting undergraduate major. For more details about the master of accountancy program, consult with a member of the accounting faculty, contact the graduate admissions office, see the master of accountancy description under the Else School of Management portion of the catalog, or visit the Else School web page at www.millsaps.edu/mba-macc. The program takes about 12 months for a full time student to complete. The program takes about 24 months for a part-time student to complete.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree is offered in both daytime and evening classes. The Millsaps M.B.A. program is particularly suited for students with a liberal arts background. A typical class includes men and women from a broad range of ages and backgrounds (including engineering, the physical and social sciences, the arts and the humanities, and business). For more information about the M.B.A. program, see the graduate catalog, contact the graduate admissions office, or see the Else School of Management web page at www.millsaps.edu/mba-macc. This program takes about 12-months for a full-time student to complete.

Executive Master of Business Administration

The goal of the EMBA program is to offer the mid-career business executive a graduate degree option that fits into his or her life, through a 16-month program of alternating weekends, where each student enrolled in the program is a peer in the business world. Class discussions, faculty interaction, guest experts, and study groups bring together real-world experience that can give an executive immediate value in an ongoing career- an instant return on investment. The students’ career doesn’t get off track for the EMBA-it becomes immediately more productive.

Areas of study include the details of managing a business organization such as financial analysis, decision making, marketing management, personnel management, micro and macroeconomics, entrepreneurship, communication, negotiation, information technology, and strategic management. Issues in international business will be studied intensively through a required mini-session at Millsaps’ campus in Merida, Mexico.

The educational goal of the EMBA is to provide the student with the base knowledge, executive skills, and abilities needed to assume leadership in positions in organizations that compete in a dynamic, global environ­ment. The EMBA program strives to prepare students to recognize orga­nizational problems and opportunities, to determine a socially responsible course of action, and to implement a strategy that both seizes internal and external opportunities.

The program requires 48 hours of graduate study. The curriculum is a lock step plan of study, with each cohort taking classes and graduating together. Graduate credit is not awarded for portfolio based experiential learning which occurs prior to matriculation in the graduate program. For more information about the EMBA program, see the graduate catalog, contact the graduate admissions office, or see the Else School of  Management webpage at www.millsaps.edu/emba.