2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exchange Programs

Millsaps Direct Exchange Programs

Japan: Akita International University

Akita International University (AIU) is a small (approximately 700 students) liberal arts college located in the northern section of Japan’s main island. Though the campus itself is located in a rural area, it is about 30 minutes from downtown Akita (a major city) and 10 minutes from the airport. AIU is unique among colleges in Japan in that it has a true liberal arts curriculum and an international student body. Because the language of instruction for all students is English, international students are not on a separate track from their Japanese counterparts, as is the case in most international exchange programs. Millsaps students are therefore fully integrated into the life of the university. Although the curriculum at AIU emphasizes international business and politics, it also has strong offerings in the philosophies, cultures, and religions of Asia. There is also an excellent Japanese language program for foreign students. Many of the faculty are practitioners, journalists, businessmen, and retired government officials rather than pure academics. The unique international component of the institution has made AIU very popular with Japanese students creating a competitive admission process within Japan. Fellow students will thus be among the best in Japan.

Qualified students may apply to study at AIU for one semester (fall or spring), the full academic year, or the summer. Applicants must have successfully completed at least two semesters of college level study before applying, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.500 (4.0 scale) or higher. Applicants must be nominated and approved by the Office of International Initiatives. The College is currently entitled to send up to three Millsaps students per year (including the summer language intensive courses) to enroll full-time at AIU.

The College has a tuition-waiver agreement with AIU, meaning that students pay their regular tuition to Millsaps but pay room, board, and fees directly to AIU. All students at AIU reside in the on-campus dorms. Because the university is supported by the Prefectural government, living costs are low. The only extra funds needed are to cover the cost of airfare, books, personal expenses, and any supplemental travel while abroad. For more information, contact the Office of International Initiatives.

Liechtenstein: University of Liechtenstein

The University of Liechtenstein (UL) is one of the four centers of higher learning in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The smallest German-speaking country in the world (about 62 square miles), Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria and has an estimated population of 35,000. It is the only alpine country to lie entirely within the Alps and, with its mostly mountainous terrain, is a winter sports destination. Liechtenstein boasts the highest GDP per person in the world and has a strong financial sector located in the capital city of Vaduz.

The University, founded in 1961 as the Liechtenstein School of Engineering and accredited by the country’s Ministry of Education, now specializes mainly in business, offering Bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees in Architecture, Business Management, Banking and Financial Management, and Business Process Engineering, as well as a Ph.D. in Business Economics. Millsaps students will appreciate the university’s small size (about 1,000 students total) and can take classes in English through the excellent Bachelor of Business Sciences program. Housing is available in shared apartments and other private rentals. Millsaps has a tuition-waiver agreement with UL, so that students who participate in the exchange program pay their regular tuition to Millsaps but pay room (if living in university housing), board, and fees directly to UL. Extra funds are needed to cover airfare, personal expenses (including books), and any supplemental travel while abroad.

Applicants for the Liechtenstein direct exchange program must be nominated by the Director of International Business Programs at Millsaps’ Else School, and approved by the Associate Dean of International Education. Participation in this program is currently limited to two upper-division undergraduate students per year.

Qualified students may also participate in a paid or non-paid internship program in Liechtenstein, in some of the most interesting and vibrant financial institutions in the world. In order to qualify for an internship, applicants must have advanced finance or advanced accounting training, must be nominated by the Director of International Business Programs at Millsaps, and must be approved by the Else School faculty. Participation in the internship program is currently limited to one student (graduate or upper-division undergraduate) per year. For more information, contact the Office of International Initiatives at studyabroad@millsaps.edu.

International Student Exchange Program

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is a unique organization to which Millsaps belongs. Through membership in ISEP, Millsaps students have access to ISEP Exchange, a network of 340 universities in 54 different countries, with classes taught in English as well as the host country’s language(s). One of the most exciting aspects of ISEP Exchange is the financial benefits. It is a tuition-exchange program, meaning that when studying for a semester or year through ISEP Exchange, students pay all regular costs (tuition, room, board, fees) to Millsaps and can use their institutional aid, but are studying abroad instead of on-campus. A Millsaps student doing ISEP Exchange trades places with an international student from any other ISEP school. Each student pays what he or she would normally pay to his/her home institution for tuition, fees, housing, meals, etc. Additional costs include the ISEP placement/application fee, required ISEP health insurance, airfare, personal expenses (including books), and any supplemental travel while abroad. The application process for ISEP is competitive and very lengthy. Before a student can apply for ISEP Exchange, s/he must be nominated by the Office of International Initiatives (OII). Procedures are more complicated and eligibility requirements are higher than most traditional study abroad programs through providers. Because the student essentially direct-enrolls as an international student at a foreign university, s/he must be extremely responsible and independent in order to be nominated for ISEP. Any student interested in ISEP should contact the OII (at least one year in advance), in order to begin the process with the Millsaps ISEP Coordinator. For more information, contact the Office of International Initiatives.

Study Abroad Providers

Millsaps College, through the Office of International Initiatives (OII), works with the top study abroad providers in the United States, carefully selected for their academic rigor, commitment to immersion-based learning, affordability, and excellent student support services. The OII thus strongly encourages students to attend programs through these providers. Offering semester and yearlong programs in every corner of the globe and virtually all subject areas, current study abroad providers include: AIFS; The Alliance for Global Education; API; Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies; CET Academic Programs; CIEE; IES Abroad; IFSA Butler; ISA; Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad; Studio Art Centers International (SACI); Semester at Sea; and SIT. These providers include exemplary student support services in their program fees, for services such as comprehensive, personal predeparture advising, including course selection and financial planning; on site orientation upon arrival in the host country; full time, on site resident staff; academic and personal support, including tutoring and mental health counseling; subsidized excursions and social events; community involvement and/or volunteer opportunities; medical insurance and travel planning; emergency assistance; guaranteed housing; U.S. or host university transcript; and alumni resources.

The majority of providers offer need and/or merit-based scholarships to qualified students, and some also provide work-study opportunities. Millsaps currently has study abroad affiliation agreements with AIFS and ISA. The College is also an associate member school with IES Abroad and an Academic Consortium member with CIEE. As such, Millsaps students applying to programs through these providers are eligible for additional grants, application fee waivers and program discounts, priority admission, and/or scholarships/financial aid not available to students from other schools. For more information, contact the Office of International Initiatives at studyabroad@millsaps.edu.